January 14, 2016

It has been WWWAAAYYYY to long since I have utilized this blog.   I have been living life, and not really documenting it- or researching it.  Sorry to those followers I have for that. I was ending relationships and forging new ones.  Experimenting with things and figuring out what truly makes me happy. Whatever need I had- to express myself publicly in this forum....kinda went away.  But I LOVE all of the art that I have posted to this site and I have decided to continue on with it.  Have patience with me because I have to get into the habit of it again.  I am curious to see what direction it takes.  Join me for the ride!

September 24, 2014

Crazy rabbit compilation

I have compiled the craziest, sexiest, creepiest, silly, beautiful, and horrific group of rabbit mask photos/art ever!!!!  ENJOY!!!