April 14, 2013

Closure to the drama.

Wow.  I have really been neglecting my blog!!  So much has happened that was distracting, and then when it was all settled I really just needed a week to decompress.

The divorce is final and I get to keep my property!  I'm pissed that my ex put me through that- all he had to do was talk to me about what he really wanted/needed and we could have come to this same conclusion without all of the bullshit costs and shit storm of stress.  I do feel like I have a greater appreciation of my home now- and my life.  Almost losing it put what I am grateful for into sharp focus- so I guess I could thank him for that.

Ian built me a brand spanking new computer from the ground up!!  I am so amazed at his computer skills!  I LOVE IT!!!!  I can now play video games!!!  I can now blog with the greatest of ease- so lots more fun stuff to follow.

I have so many options now.  I can move into the back house and turn the front house back into a full salon with employees, I can continue to live in one and rent the other one out.  I am leaning towards the idea of turning the shed into a mini salon , renting one of the houses out and living in the other.  Ian thinks we should turn the shed into a room for rent, and rent it out for ACL, SXSW, Formula One, etc.. ( The shed is not really a shed, it is a one room structure that we have always used as a storage shed- but with a little TLC it could be a functioning space.) So many options, I just want to sit on it all for a bit and just enjoy the fact that I can now do whatever I want to the place!