May 3, 2013

The Art of Muses. Part 2 of couples who make art together stay together.

Colin and Sas Christian:

Aren't they cute?  They have great taste too- with the Ray Caesar, Audrey Kawasaki, and Kathy Olivas paintings on their wall!  Here is an article I found talking about their creative process on the Arrested Motion Website.  Their work is posted below that.  Enjoy!

Although they work in different mediums, one can see their work shares a common thread through their experiences together, as well as the fact that their work spaces are right next to each other leading to mutual sharing of ideas and criticisms. They talked about this artistic relationship and many other things as we got together for some questions and answers leading up to the show.

How would you describe your newest body of work? 

 It came about in a mutual discussion of our pieces and what we were trying to express, mine (Colin) with the physical interpretations and Sas’ with the emotive, it’s just the way we see things and together we form a single relatively cohesive unit. 

It must be incredible to be able to create art next to each other. You must bounce ideas and critiques between the two of you pretty frequently but is there a collaborative or interactive nature between your works as well especially since you have been doing joint shows or are they completely separate?

Colin: I think it’s fair to say that we have now reached the stage where working closely with each other is the only way for each of us and we greatly respect each others opinion. When you doubt yourself as an artist, it is always great to have a partner on which to support yourself when uncertainty looms over everything you do and feel. As for myself, I will often ask Sas for advice on sculpture because she has a knack for seeing mistakes that I miss and also brings a female opinion which is essential for what I’m trying to achieve. It’s difficult sometimes to balance overt sexuality without drifting into perceived chauvinism, and as I consider myself pro- female this is an area where Sas’ advice counts most. I’m about the “big sweeps” and Sas is about the little details. I like that people see our shows as a joint enterprise.
Sas: There most definitely is an interactive nature between our work, although we haven’t had many opportunities to collaborate yet. It feels very natural for us to work in this way, both showing together with our own view of life and what we want to project in our art. Our works are distinct from each other and yet I think you can tell that there’s also a similarity due to our shared view of life and tastes. Colin and I have been together a long time and since we work right next door to each other, I count on his advice and support. He often helps me when I’ve lost my way and get bogged down with irrelevant things and brings me back to what I wanted to say in the first place. He can do this as he shares my vision. We both want the other to produce the best work we can.

Colin Christian:

Sas Christian: