March 27, 2013

Much needed fun!

I had a lovely afternoon at a new place in my neighborhood- Pinthouse Pizza.  Wes, the bartender, is a doll- super friendly.  I also enjoyed a 2800 year old beer. Check it out:

They have 12 beers of their own, brewed in house, and then 35 taps of high quality local and artisan brews.

If you can't make up your mind, you can always get a sampler of their beers.  I tired all 12 of them- and they were all very tasty!

The Pizza is delicious!

This was the highlight of the experience though. Dogfish Head Brewery paired up with a molecular archaeologist, and analyzed drinking vessels found in 2800 year old Etruscan tombs. Etruscan's apparently liked ales. The recipe has hazelnut,pomegranate,honey,wheat,and Ethiopian myrrh resin. Birra Etrusca Bronze (recipe from the bronze age) is delicious, and has a very high alcohol content.  

Being both a beer geek and a art history major that has studied the Etruscan civilization at great length- I was in heaven with this!