March 19, 2013

South by Southwest rap up

I had made a decision that I was going to put my own life on hold for 10 days and really be in the moment.  Really experience South by Southwest and not even think about my problems.  As I have said, this could very well be my last SXSW- so I wanted to make the most of it.

It was all very bittersweet- with that as a back drop.  I really really enjoy volunteering.  I was promoted to shift leader this year- a much much preferred role.  Ian and Joey were shift leaders too.

We volunteered 60 hours in 5 days in order to earn a platinum badge.  The platinum badge gains you entrance into every part of the festival: Interactive, Film, and Music.

I am so so fortunate to live in Austin and have the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event!!!!

So, here is how I spent my SXSW:

Shepard Fairey spoke at Art and Soul, The Global Renaissance of the Gig Poster, and then painted a mural on the side of Empire Control Room.

Tara McPherson, among many others (but let me geek out a minute on Tara!!) had a booth at the Flatstock show.

I saw a lot of live music!!!  These are just the showcases that I remember.  I saw at least 50 bands in 10 days.  It was just so much fun!!!  I danced so much and walked from one end of downtown to the other so many times I think my legs will continue to hurt for a few more days.

Marnie Stern
Portugal. The Man
Crooked Bangs

Agent Ribbons
MC Frontalot

IO Echo

Pissed Jeans
The Black Angels
Charon Po Rantan

Zola Jesus
Cloud Nothings
Chelsea Light Moving
Eagles of Death Metal
Trauma Helicopter

Lucy Love
Erin McKoewn
The Coathangers

Schaffer the Dark Lord
The littlest Viking
Hector's Pets
Shinobi Ninja
Death Grips
Queen Kwong
Elle King
Black Lips
The Dollyrots
ZZ Ward

PLUS, I had a lovely dinner and tons of drinks with Irish filmmaker Peter Ferris.

 Spent an evening watching hip hop with MC Frontalot and MC Lars.  MC Frontalot is super sweet- we hung out with him a bit last year too, since he is friends with Ian, so I was happy to see him again.  MC Lars was super sweet and happy.  I really enjoyed hanging out with both of them!!

MC Lars

MC Frontalot

I also spent an afternoon drinking Yager shots with the famous Lifto- of the Jim Rose Circus.  I have known Lifto for about 25 years- yet it never stops amazing me how people gawk at him.  We watched the Japanese gore porn movie Dead Sushi.

I also saw lots of comedy.  Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts are the names I remember- but I went to several comedy shows at Esther's Follies over the course of the 10 days.

Rob Zombie screened Lords of Salem, gave a public talk and then signed books.

Dave Grohl gave a wonderful keynote speech.

I had a ball!!!!  I hung out with friends, made new ones, had some PDA with my boyfriend, stayed drunk for 10 days, it was wonderful!!  The best part of all?  I spent $27. $27 for 10 days of awesome?  Gotta love SXSW!!!!!!

Ian's badge.  I love the stupid face he is making. I know how much he loathes having his picture taken.

Playing with pedals.  We entered a drawing to win $3000 worth of pedals!  I don't even play guitar and I was excited about it!!