January 1, 2013

Best way to ring in the new year

I hope everyone had fun last night!  Our original plans for the evening fell through, so we threw an impromptu party at our house.  Lately I have really been appreciating my home, so I could think of no better way to ring in 2013 than by having friends come and celebrate in it with me.
Christian and I decided we are starting a supper club/underground cabaret.  Fine attire required.  I CANNOT WAIT TO START THIS ENDEAVOR!!!
 I was thrilled to meet Cory Ann last night.  She is funny and interesting- having just spent 5 months in South East Asia and the 3 years prior to that in Australia and New Zealand.  She has no material trappings and can live out of a backpack.  When she sets up a place to live she does so knowing she will turn around and sell all of the things she accumulates in order to move on.  There is a lot I could learn from her.  She was telling me that while traveling she always wishes she was a hairdresser because the kids in the hostels always need haircuts- at $10 bucks a pop you can make $100 a day.  In a lot of ways I need to reevaluate my skills and start thinking outside of the rigid parameters I have set up for myself.  I have been so snobby about my career- at the highest points of which I have made $1500 a day- but now the thought of traveling, living lightly, and meeting people and earning spending cash sounds just as appealing.  I am going to be open to all possibilities from now on.  Fear of discomfort will no longer be a burden to me.  I am not going to let ego get in the way.
 Roddi talked a lot about philosophy and living your life as honestly and openly as possible.  That has been how I have chosen to live my life for a long time now.  Integrity is sexy!

 I sported my devil horn barrettes. I was thinking about chaos and mischief and mayhem leading to new opportunity and room for personal growth.
Ian, alluding the camera as always, made hot toddies again- for me.  I swear I could snuggle into the side of this man and just stay there.  I feel completely content with out a care in the world when we are snuggling.
 Between our honey bourbon hot toddies and the Bullet whiskey Christian brought for shots- everyone was having a great time.  It even evoked a rare smile out of Joey!

In the spirit of community and as a gesture of belief in abundance, I allowed Jason and Sandy to raid my kitchen and cook up a meal for all of us out of what few groceries we had.  It had been a lean month- so the fridge and pantry were not very well stocked- and at first they were against using up what we had left- but I completely encouraged it.  I am taking this new attitude and paradigm shift seriously.  I will not be worried or stressed about money or survival.  It will be OK.  It will always be OK.  So I fed my friends the last of my food and it was delicious and fun to see them working together in my kitchen.  They made us breakfast tacos and hashbrowns.  At 130 in the morning it was heavenly to break bread with my friends!

Sandy doing the robot.  After we ate, we all piled onto my couches ( I love that 10 people can comfortably kick back and watch movies in my living room) and watched  Dredd in 3D- which I thought was so beautiful!  The artistic direction- color palette, homage to the original comic and vintage sci fi in general was fun to observe!!  I highly recommend it!  We also watched Frankenweenie in 3D, which is a great piece of art that warmed my heart.  The last of the crew didn't leave until the sun was coming up.

I feel grateful.  I feel blessed.  I feel loved.  I feel positive.  I send out thoughts that everyone reading this has an awesome year!!!