December 15, 2012

A John Waters' Christmas

I have always loved John Waters' movies.  I saw them for the first time when I was in elementary school, and I can honestly say that they are, at least in part, responsible for my warped sense of humor and love of all things twisted.  It is hard to believe that this kind of over the top campiness was created in the mid 1970's.  As a punk rock teenager some 10 years later,  I thought these were the coolest art movies ever.  In retrospect, I am shocked that my dad let me watch them on repeat, especially Desperate Living and Female Trouble.  Gotta love my absentee bachelor daddy.  (I love you dad)

 Most of us have seen Hairspray- Waters' most famous movie turned musical staring Ricky Lake.  If you have only seen the remake- run and watch the original RIGHT NOW!!!  Most of his other movies are much darker and weirder.  These movies taught me about sex, homosexuality, trans gendered individuals, racism, beastiality, that some people eat dog shit without getting sick, and how to make my hair defy gravity.   Defining moments for sure.

Edith Massey.  God bless her- a local actress in Baltimore that John used in most of his movies.  She had some balls.....let's just put it that way.  She had a ton of confidence to portray herself the way she did.  She was unbelievable to me at the tender age of 8, and that assault to my senses has never dulled, even 33 years later!

Divine was my first exposure to a drag queen.  Again, remember, this was when I was 8.  Scary shit for sure!

 Then you put the two of them together in a few movies- and it blew my fucking mind.  I have always assumed that Baltimore must be overflowing with freaks and degenerates- Waters' found a goldmine of characters there!  This is lowbrow trashy campy performance art at it's finest!

 Ah, Edith as The Egg Lady.  I can tell if someone is my age based on whether or not they know who the Egg Lady is.