December 22, 2012

A serious moment

Ok- so while I didn't buy into the whole end of the world thing, I do like the thought that a change is happening.  My new age friends say that today there is a very powerful shift happening in everyone's energy.  With that said, I would like to set down some intentions for the new year and dawn of this new age of time.  If you think this is hokey, then skip on down to another post.  It can't hurt to put together a list of intentions/goals- regardless of your beliefs.

I, Lainie Nicole Lamb, set forth the following intentions:

I will have prosperity and abundance.  Financially, be able to pay my bills and have some money left over to be able to do things that enrich my life experience.  I will also have an abundance of friendship and love, camaraderie and fun.

I will have stability and security.  Peace of mind.  I can take care of myself.  My career, my home, my life as a whole is stable and I can sleep soundly at night.  My life is lived by my own terms.

I am creative.  I have an abundance of ideas. I am open minded to all of my possibilities.

I give love.  I receive love.  I have a solid foundation of friends and "family".  I am in a loving mutually rewarding relationship that enriches my life and brings me joy.  My home and my heart is filled with warmth, joy, affection, love, laughter.