December 16, 2012

Another fun weekend. Ending the year with good times!

I just woke up.  It is 4:00.  I participated in SantaCon last night.  If you live under a rock and don't know what this is, it is a world wide event- where everyone dresses up like Santa and runs around the streets getting drunk and spreading cheer.  Here are pictures taken yesterday in other places:

Santa in Central Park, New York City
Santa in London, England
Santa in San Francisco, California
also San Francisco, California

So you get the idea.  You don't have to dress like Santa.  You can go as a candy cane, a Christmas tree, a reindeer, Santa's naughty secretary....really as long as your costume is Christmas themed you are good to go.

I spent the entire time following around The Dead Music Capital Marching Band and dancing my ass off.  I have a hard on for marching bands.  I can second line all night long!!!!!!  They were so good!  They played "Here comes Krampus"  (instead of "Here comes Santa Claus")  and they did this impressive mash up of "Hell's Bells" and "Jingle Bells".

I was sexy Misses Claus, I guess that is why I kept getting drinks bought for me. Never under estimate the power of great cleavage!!!  Ian is out of town visiting his family again- I would have rather had him there to dance with than all those other boys.  I missed him last night.  He would have really enjoyed that band.

Before SantaCon, I went to a couple of art shows.  First was Blue Genie.  Blue Genie is so much fun!  Everything is happy and whimsical in this show.

I fell in love with this little top hat!

The mini Santa hat was pretty funny!

 Then it was on to The Backyard Art Expo.  It is in Colleen's backyard- and she lives just a few blocks from me.  There was live music and about a dozen artists involved. My friend Edmo was there, as well as Peter.  It was a great time! Of course, I knew it would be because every time there is a cactus decorated in the front yard it is a good omen!

I met a lovely lady named Analy Nakat, who drew this awesome sacred heart.  She is a very talented artist, and she sells her work on Etsy- so look her up!

It has been such a good weekend- and now I am off from work for two weeks!  So if anyone knows of any other art shows or wants to just hang out- shoot me a message or call me.