December 6, 2012

Ian is home!  He surprised me by arriving a little after midnight last night.  I wasn't expecting him until late today.  He can go away as often as he likes if I am going to get this warm of a reception!  I have not been hugged so tightly and held so earnestly in a long time.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder- mutually so, I am still swooning this morning!  So, with regard to that, as well as yesterday's post about the versatility of Christmas lights, I have a theme song for the day.  It is fun, catchy, the lyrics are perfectly suited, and it happened to come on last night while we were cuddling, making me grin from ear to ear. Then I watched the video this morning and could not stop laughing.  PERFECTION!  I love it when that happens!  Happy holidays to me!!