February 15, 2013

Cross your fingers, say a prayer, burn an effigy.

Today I go to court and ask for mercy.  It is 6:00 AM.  I could not sleep last night.  So much is riding on this day.  

I really, again, just want to express the gratitude I have for everyone that is showing me support.  There has not been a single person who has been negative- it is surprising to me.  I hang on to that in moments of darkness.  My own self, my own mind, can be very very cruel indeed.

As someone who is a planner, and OCD- this situation is starting to make me fray around the edges.  If you have stability- enjoy it.

Regardless of the outcome, I will be glad when I am no longer tied to my ex in any way.  The freedom of knowing that I am completely in control of my living situation will be heavenly.  This question mark as to the fate of my home has been hanging over my head for 5 years now in one way shape or form and that is too long.

This has been a good week beyond all this.  On Tuesday I started my part time job (very part time- like 3 times a month) working with Todd downtown being a parking attendant.  Glamorous I know.  Beggars can't be choosers and the money is far better than you would think.  I make more doing that than I would working in most of the fancy boutiques in this town.  It was Fat Tuesday, so lots of great people watching, I got to spend my break at The Jackalope, and it was fun to hang out with Todd all night.

On Wednesday I went and did Geeks Who Drink Trivia at Mister Tramps with Favre and Jennifer. Long story short, we ended up hanging out with one of the members of the band Three Dog Night- who was thoroughly entertaining, sharing stories about when he dated Janis Joplin, fought Jim Morrison, nearly overdosed with Jimi Hendericks- all of this while still in his teenage years.  He was in town to have a meeting with Rick Perry, Texas Governor, the following morning.  He has lung cancer and an inoperable brain tumor, so he has become the spokesperson for Bikers against Cancer.  After speaking with Perry about cancer research, he was going to be on his way to Washington DC to address congress.  The good news for us is that he bought all of our drinks and food all night long.  The bad news is that we got so drunk that we came in 10th place in trivia.

For Valentine's day, Ian cooked me an amazing dinner of pork enchiladas verdes.  We hung out on the couch canoodling until I had to try and get some sleep for today.

I am praying to the powers that be that I get some good news.  Let the judge please show me some mercy.