February 3, 2013

Greatest tiki EVER - My virtual tiki mug collection

Those of you who know me personally know my LOVE of tiki.  I have a tiki themed living room and several of these mugs of my own.  Most of these tiki mugs and shot glasses were limited edition and sold out almost immediately. A lot of artists have done their own version of the tiki mug- Shag and Tim Biskup among the ones shown here, but the bulk of these fabulous little gems were made by Miles Nielsen at Munktiki.  Not that I am collecting anything myself these days.  I am trying to lighten my own load.  I am perfectly content to have this virtual collection to drool over.  Less to have to dust. (Me just trying to make myself feel better that I don't own ALL of these!)

At the top of this I add several of Miles Nielsen's kaiju figures- just because they are awesome!!