February 13, 2013

Psychobilly Sexpots

I LOVE this look.  It combines some of my favorite things, mid century fashion aesthetic with tattoos and fun hair colors.  I used to rock this look myself, but alas I have reached an age where it would be inappropriate (or just plain tragic)  for me to continue to do so.  I still wear vintage clothes and the tats are here to stay but I have toned it down considerably.  Besides- you have to start getting ready HOURS before going out- and I don't have the patience for that anymore.  I can be ready to walk out the door for a night on the town in 15 minutes now a days- and I like that. I also like being touchable.  All that hairspray and lipstick makes it hard for a guy to get all up on his sweetie- if ya know what I mean......but oh is it fun to appreciate it!!!!!