February 7, 2013

Keeping it local

Yesterday was Oz's birthday.  We met him up at Barfly's to celebrate with all of his friends. I love Barfly's- but I have to do it in small doses.  I used to live walking distance from it and now just the smell and sight of it makes me feel wasted!

 It is always an interesting experience to observe a group of people and how they interact with each other when you are an outsider.  I really have been trying to make new friends.  I think the older you get the harder that becomes.  Since I work alone and out of my house, I am isolated.  Any opportunity to go out and socialize, I will except.  All of Oz's friends were lovely and it was a great time.

One of Ian's friends had a gift card for Uchiko that he gifted to us- so we had some really tasty sushi!  I love the decor at both Uchiko and Uchi.  The designer of both restaurants and other cool locales around Austin such as The Highball and The Belmont is Joel Mozersky, whom I have known for years.  I used to work with his boyfriend at Uncommon Objects back in the day.  He is nationally known as a modern interior designer.  I have posted a few photos of his work here for you to enjoy.