February 1, 2013

I love that art is intimate and has a different affect on everyone.  One piece of art can change a person's entire world, yet another person wont even give that same piece of art a passing glance.

Your mood and circumstances affect your impression of art as well- a filter you see through.

  I feel like a live wire.  My emotions are up and down.  I try to talk myself off of the ledge every minute of every day.  I am strong, but the threat of losing my home, my business, and everything I have created for myself here in Austin is hard to manage.  I fluctuate between fear and hope.  Acceptance and fight.  Appreciation and feeling indignant.

The work of Katarzyna Konieczka is especially meaningful for me these days.
I see the wires and harnesses and I think of them as a symbol protection.  Armor.  The open mouth gags bring up the thoughts within myself that my mouth gets me into trouble - a lot.  I struggle with how much to say, how honest to be, when to keep my mouth shut and when to speak my mind.  Maybe the gag represents something they said that hurt another person.  Maybe it represents the things they want to say but hold back.

None of the subjects in the photos look frightened.  Emotionally hurt- yes.  Betrayed- yes.  Indignant- yes. Sometimes indifferent.  There is no evidence that they were forced into their gear- the overall feeling is one of choice.  Acceptance of circumstance.  Resolve. The subject chooses to be adorned in this way.  I wish I had more choices at the moment........The monochromatic or subtle color in the photos gives a detached, cold environment.  Calm.  Numb.  Unaffected.  All of the expression- the story to be told- is in the eyes.

On the best of days I am intense and exposed.  When times are tough like they are now........I can be so intense that even I can't stand myself.

These photos stir all of this up in me.  Email me and let me know what they stir up in you.  Do you get a different feeling all together?  Our life certainly acts as a filter when viewing art.