February 4, 2013

My friends are trying really hard to get my mind off of things....and I appreciate them so much!!!!

Laura took me to Gourmands on Thursday night.  It had been way too long since just the two of us hung out. She lent me an ear to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, and plied me with beer and good food.  After that she sent me downtown to meet up with her husband Todd, who gave me a very very part time job.  I cannot express with language how blown away I am by their generosity.  We are all starving artists- just barely squeaking by- but my friends are doing what they can to assist and that means the fucking world to me!!!!!!

Friday night Ian and I hung out with Christian.  We ate pizza and Christian was kind enough to buy the beer at The Parlour, then we came back to our place, Joseph came over too, and everyone brainstormed for a new film project the guys are going to embark on.  Christian allowed me to read a TV series he just wrote and it is AMAZING.  I would be surprised as hell if it didn't get picked up by someone.  He wants to do some short films and I am going to be the set decorator.

Christian has a lot of great ideas- and every time I get together with him he inspires me creatively.  It would do me good to surround myself with more people like him.

Saturday I hung out with Sandy.  She took me to Live Oak Barbecue, which was oh my god the most delicious meat I have ever put in my mouth good.  We sat on their patio, drank beer, and played Giant Jenga- it was a gorgeous Texas spring like day- and I was so grateful for her, to be outside, having a cold beer and laughing and playing games- it was heaven.  A balm for my soul.

Sunday was the super bowl- so Favre came over and watched it with Ian and I.  It was fun because we were all for the Ravens- and the Ravens won! Favre kept me laughing the entire time.

I am writing all of this down so that I remember the great times too- I have good friends and people who care about me.  There are times that I feel utterly alone in this world, so it will do me good to remember that just isn't true.

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and given to my cause.  I am so appreciative and I will pay it forward as soon as I can!